Year: 2022

Rotoroa Trip !

On the first day back from school, Team Tui went on bus, ferry to Rotoroa Island .  What we learnt at Rotoroa Island, is about different plants, birds and how they trap pests that can land or from the city to Rotoroa Island . That trip was so fun ! We saw birds, kiwi’s and their eggs .


Motat !

On Thursday Team Tui went on a trip to Motat to find some interesting science things that were based on the week of experiments we’ve done here at school . I found out that using string and a hanger, you are able to hear the sound from the hanger goes onto your bones and hear the vibrating louder in your ears .

This week we were assigned to write our Samoan recount about what we’ve done this week for Samoan language week, this recount is all about what I’ve done this week .

Matariki activity !

This piece of work is based on Matariki, we wrote what we think is right for the community, to have a matariki public holiday in Auckland, NZ  . This slide is asking us why we have to learn about Matariki and what is the importance to it . I have written down what I think is right for NZ, to have a Matariki public holiday .